Title Imagery Explanation

The “saying something is pretentious is pretentious” paradox means I usually avoid that word. But allow me to act pretentious for a second as I explain the selection of artwork in this blog’s header. A lot of the time I see a blog with interesting, if opaque, design choices. The more interesting the blog is, the more likely you are to wonder “Oh, I wonder what they chose that for?”

The Simpsons is mankind’s greatest artistic achievement, but The Sopranos is my favorite television series of all time. I’m disheartened when newly minted The Wire aficionados stake their affection for that show and dismiss The Sopranos. I strongly believe there could be no The Wire without The Sopranos – the first three seasons of the show, and their pioneering season-length story structures, are models against which the best shows of the present are measured. Subconsciously if not directly. Or to put it another way, The Wire is so perfect that no one ever has a favorite episode! The Wire has no “Pine Barrens,” no “Pie-O-My,” or even a forgotten weak episode like when Tony n’ the gang get all up in arms about defending Columbus Day. The Wire has no fun diversions. Each episode is a perfectly selected move in its’ season-long chess games. The imperfections of The Sopranos deepen my affection for the show the way a flawless novel of a series like The Wire doesn’t.

So the header-image choice reflects that. Also, I like collecting TV shows on DVD. And New Jersey. And the colors. They’re pretty. Though I wish they made one season purple instead of using silver twice.



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